It's true: words are one of my passions. When I was a kid, I edited (much to their dismay) my brothers' letters to friends, and I wrote countless stories. Studying grammar and diagramming sentences? Loved it. Essay questions? Nothing better.

So I guess it's no surprise that I chose to pursue this passion for my career. After majoring in English at Colorado College, I attended graduate school while working full time in corporate communications. I received my master's degree in Applied Communication (emphasis in public relations and organizational communication) from the University of Denver.

Since then, I've had the great fortune to be employed in the communications field for more than 20 years. From nonprofits to global companies, it's been a pleasure to work in industries ranging from financial planning to renewable energy, from water quality to engineering, as well as in many facets of the equine industry.

Another passion: Aikido. I started studying this Japanese martial art in 2006. Over the past decade of regular practice, my life changed deeply in positive ways. Today, I hold a second-degree black belt and enjoy sharing the life-affirming possibilities of Aikido and the transformation that can occur with a dedication to practice. Its tenet of keeping a grounded center of calm regardless of what is happening outside of that center has permeated my life.

Nowadays, everything I do is infused with the continual growth and improvement that is part of Aikido practice and permeates my life on and off the mat.

My third passion: horses. I’ve had the privilege of sharing life with horses since I was a child. The relationships we’ve shared and the lessons they’ve taught me have made me who I am today. I do my best to honor their teaching by approaching every interaction I have, with all beings, from the respectful, dignified, and aware presence that horses bring to the world.


During my career, I’ve been honored to receive awards from the following organizations:
  • American Horse Publications
  • Colorado Authors’ League
  • Denver Woman’s Press Club
  • International Association of Business Communicators
  • Society for Technical Communication
I’ve also been selected for juried writing workshops and seminars, including those sponsored by Lighthouse Writers and A Room of Her Own Foundation.