Why Me

I lived in your world for more than two decades, so I understand the challenges you face as a marcomm manager.

During my career as a corporate communications manager, I’ve walked where you walk: nurturing the well-being of your company’s communications program while juggling responsibilities for other projects and tasks.

I understand your mission and your challenge: producing the quality, and the quantity, of communications materials necessary to meet the needs of your internal and external audiences. Most days, there simply aren’t enough hours to accomplish it all.

Please allow me to help.

With a results-focused approach that my clients love, I couple my writing talent with my drive to create communication for companies that help improve lives, whether it’s financially, physically, spiritually, or in some other way. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and I daresay it’s why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When we team, you can hand off the project with the confidence that not only will it be completed on time and on budget (that’s a given), but it will convey the spirit and outcome you envision to inspire your audience to action.